Maraleash Boxed Gifts was born from a love of celebrating every milestone and holiday with family and friends. Now, we get to create the perfect gifts for you, our clients.

Our Gift Boxes combine first-rate Canadian artisans and impressive design to curate a very special gift box for your loved ones, corporate clients, and staff.

We offer a Golden Agers Subscription Care Package Box to be delivered to your loved ones' home, whether it be a retirement residence, or their own dwelling. Your parent or grandparent will enjoy the box of gourmet treats and savour them until the next subscription box arrives. Or why wait for someone else to make the purchase for you, indulge and treat yourself to a subscription!

In addition, we offer Corporate Gift Boxes to be delivered to your home workspace or office building, a 'Stay Well' Gift Box equipped with items to keep you healthy, custom Holiday Boxes to spread festive cheer to co-workers, clients, friends, or family, and much more to come!

Naming my business was similar to naming my daughters, Alexa and Ashley. So I thought, why not combine their names along with mine. The name is a reminder to me that the business is intertwined with my family life, - a nod to my children.

Stay in touch. Maraleash's passion for excellence in gift giving will inspire you to celebrate the important people in your life. 


Marilyn Chambers - Founder, Maraleash Inc.